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  • Some natural ways to improve your digestion during lockdown

    Friday, May 29, 2020   /   by Marilyn Perna

    Some natural ways to improve your digestion during lockdown

    Today is World Digestive Health Day.  Here are a few tips to naturally aid your digestion and immune system for a healthier, happier, fitter you.

    1. Eat a balanced diet comprised of natural foods, especially fruits and vegetables as a major part of the diet.  Since it is summer, now is the perfect time to add some berries, papaya, mangoes, and watermelon which are packed with antioxidants
    2. Hydrate.  Drinking lots of fluids helps keep your digestive system hydrated, as well as enhancing your immune system.  In addition to water, coconut water and lemon aid in the summer will help keep your system well hydrated.
    3. Avoid overeating.  This can be a hard one while being locked down because food takes on an even bigger aspect of our daily lives.  Try to avoid binging on fried or fast foods since these will put a burden on your digestive system.  Ready-to-eat foods have additives and preservatives which can harm the gut microbiota, leading to diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, and possibly malignancies in the long run.
    4. Avoid late dinners.  A heavy dinner late at night or just before bed is the worst time to eat.  It can lead to acid and gas.  Follow a disciplined diet schedule and have a lighter meal at dinner time.
    5. Reduce salt.  It is best to consult with your doctor to determine the best salt intake for your situation.  People with diabetes or hypertension need to follow their doctor's advice about salt intake, while ensuring that they not get dehydrated.
    6. Avoid smoking and alcohol.  Take advantage of this lockdown period to develop some healthy habits and work on breaking unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking.
    7. Exercise.  Motivate yourself into an exercise routine to maintain your physical, mental and emotional well being.  Get your steps in.  Just move to some music.  Watch a YouTube video to try out some yoga or cardio dancing routines.  Try to have fun with it. 
    8. Don't believe all those social media health miracles.   You've seen them.  Things like ionized water, bizarre food preparations touted to help cure COVID-19, etc.  There is no food or preparation that has been scientifically proven to combat COVID-19.  On the flip side, some of these claims may actually cause more harm than good.
    9. Consider fasting.  Intermittent fasting in small durations can actually be beneficial to your digestive system.   But before you do, run it by your doctor and make sure that this is something that will be healthful for you.
    10. Stress.  Stress in large doses can lead to all sorts of health issues.  It is a major reason that your bowels might not behave normally.   Try to analyze what sorts of activities cause you pleasure and devote some time each day towards spending time on those specific activities.  

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